A few things you should know


  1. Ghost is designed for ambitious, professional publishers who want to actively build a business around their content. That's who it works best for.
  2. The entire platform can be modified and customised to suit your needs. It's very powerful, but does require some knowledge of code. Ghost is not necessarily a good platform for beginners or people who just want a simple personal blog.
  3. It's possible to work with all your favourite tools and apps with hundreds of integrations to speed up your workflows, connect email lists, build communities and much more.

  1. Ghost是为雄心勃勃的专业出版商设计的,他们希望积极围绕自己的内容建立业务。这就是它最适合的人。
  2. 整个平台可以根据您的需要进行修改和定制。它非常强大,但是需要一些代码方面的知识。Ghost对于初学者或者只是想要一个简单的个人博客的人来说不一定是一个好的平台。
  3. 你可以使用你最喜欢的工具和应用程序来加速你的工作流程,连接电子邮件列表,建立社区等等。

Behind the scenes


Ghost is made by an independent non-profit organisation called the Ghost Foundation. We are 100% self funded by revenue from our Ghost(Pro) service, and every penny we make is re-invested into funding further development of free, open source technology for modern publishing.


The version of Ghost you are looking at right now would not have been made possible without generous contributions from the open source community.


Next up, the editor


The main thing you'll want to read about next is probably: the Ghost editor. This is where the good stuff happens.


By the way, once you're done reading, you can simply delete the default Ghost user from your team to remove all of these introductory posts! \