Work with your existing tools


It's possible to connect your Ghost site to hundreds of the most popular apps and tools using integrations that take no more than a few minutes to setup.


Whether you need to automate workflows, connect your email list, build a community or embed products from your ecommerce store, our integrations library has got it all covered with hundreds of tutorials.



On top of this, you can connect your Ghost site to more than 1,000 external services using the official integration with Zapier.


Zapier sets up automations with Triggers and Actions, which allows you to create and customise a wide range of connected applications.


Example: When someone new subscribes to a newsletter on a Ghost site (Trigger) then the contact information is automatically pushed into MailChimp (Action).

Here are the most popular Ghost<>Zapier automation templates:


Custom integrations


At the heart of Ghost sits a robust JSON API – designed to create, manage and retrieve content with ease.

Ghost的核心是一个健壮的JSON API——旨在轻松地创建、管理和检索内容。

It's possible to create custom Ghost integrations with dedicated API keys and webhooks from the Integrations page within Ghost Admin.


Screenshot of custom integrations with webhooks in Ghost Admin

Beyond that, the API allows you to build entirely custom publishing apps. You can send content from your favourite desktop editor, build a custom interface for handling editorial workflow or use Ghost as a full headless CMS with a custom front-end.

除此之外,API允许你构建完全自定义的发布应用。你可以从你最喜欢的桌面编辑器发送内容,建立一个自定义界面处理编辑工作流或使用Ghost作为一个完整的headless CMS与自定义前端。

The Ghost API is thoroughly documented and straightforward to work with for developers of almost any level.

Ghost API有完整的文档,可以直接用于几乎任何级别的开发人员。

Final step: Themes


Alright, on to the last post in our welcome-series! If you're curious about creating your own Ghost theme from scratch, find out how that works.